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Superpowers: Unlocking The Amazing Intuition Within You

When I was a little girl, I remember believing and that anything is possible. The world was a place of magic and possibility where the only limit was my imagination.

Like all of us, my dreams and perceptions of who I could be evolved along with me. From full-time princess to inter-dimensional astronaut, to marine biologist, and finally, spiritual psychologist, I discovered that my soul’s deepest longings and visions for my life were nurtured by two things; belief and trust. 

It was belief and trust that helped to seed my 15-year old self’s vision of becoming a spiritual therapist and helping others into an actual reality. It was belief, trust, and radical commitment, that kept me going even in the darkest of times when the easiest option was to give up all hope. 

Magic is all around us, but it’s easier not to see it. In our modern era where our time, money, energy, and attention are limited resources, it’s easier to let “make believe” stay make-believe, and follow what feels more practical and pragmatic.

Many of us hold onto that seedling of hope. As children, our light is like a blazing inferno. Over time, that candle flame slowly grows dimmer, dwindling within us every time we compromise and stray from what feels most true in our hearts and souls. 

We become programmed in the languages of logic, fear, and limitation, rather than trusting where our intuition and heart are guiding us. 

The majority of us were trained to shut down and ignore our more sensitive, intuitive, and feeling nature. We were conditioned to believe that our wounds and sensitivities were weaknesses.

 I have discovered that it is our sensitivity and ability to feel so profoundly, that keeps the very magic we yearn for alive. We need to learn to embrace our sensitivities and wounds, not as the weaknesses that society would have us believe them to be, but the precious gifts that are the keys to our deepest liberation. Our sensitivities are our higher self’s way of communicating what is in and out of alignment. 

When we learn to listen, we are empowered to access the innate intel and higher wisdom already within us; a practice in redirecting our awareness from external to internal guidance.

 Our wounds and sensitivities are the specific alchemical ingredients needed to align with our highest expression and purpose. Where we feel weak, ashamed, resistant, unworthy, and vulnerable are the direct line to our greatest gifts and soul’s expressions.

 These places point to the exact places that are confined by our perception of our limitation and hold the exact keys to our most authentic selves’ and greatest expressions of freedom. 

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