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Authentic Alignment: Liberating Our Unconscious Agendas for True Success, Happiness, and Freedom

I often feel this responsibility to share myself. Although responsibility doesn’t feel like the right word in this context, it more often has felt like an imposed “should.”

As an entrepreneur and sole owner of my practice and business, I feel a continuous pressure to keep up and maintain my presence and visibility within the online sector.

After devoting much time to studying different marketing techniques and brand development, I can authentically say that I’ve learned many different strategies about what supposedly creates success and results, and what doesn’t.

Consistency has always been the most challenging aspect of any marketing I have ever done. Through the years, I have found that I would often get into a groove and flow with things, and then for whatever reason, I would lose energetic momentum and drive to continue performing.

This morning, I found myself ruminating over why it feels more challenging to share myself on certain days than others. Why can it feel so hard to create consistency around something so integral to who we are as humans; our authentic expression?

Authentic expression of who we are is a sacred gift that only the human experience can give. Being ourselves and sharing the wisdom of our unique perspectives is an intrinsic part of our birthright and purpose on this planet. We enrich the collective tapestry and transform the texture and color of this world when we give the gift of embodying our whole selves.

As I continued to lean in and listen on a deeper level, I realized that when our authentic expression becomes merged with the lenses of “should” and “scarcity,” the distillation of our intrinsic wisdom and creativity becomes much less potent and way less pleasurable or gratifying.

I’ve learned that there is a difference between intention and agenda. When we consciously connect with a specific intention for how we want to be of service or make an impact, there is a certain level of clarity in the actions we choose to take and a profound level of grace and finesse in the delivery.

Whereas, when we are acting from a space of agenda, we are often merged with a part of ourselves and unconscious that is enmeshed in the perception of “not enough.” We are much more liable to negate the wisdom of our authentic truth, intuition, and wisdom, in favor of externalized perspectives and feedback that don’t align with who we truly are.

Unsurprisingly, as I think back to the moments that I’ve struggled the most to express myself, I’ve always been identified with and hijacked by a part of myself that has a particular agenda and a strong attachment to a specific and desired outcome. When we release the agenda and attachment, we are able to connect to the deeper underlying truth of what is present and clear the way for what is authentically wanting to be seen, shared, and expressed. The surrendering of our agenda and getting out of our own way become the foundation for embodying the repository of higher wisdom and divine intelligence that we are a conduit for.

On those days that you find yourself struggling to express and share yourself, take a moment to tune into where you are actually trying to create and express from?

Are you trying to create and express from a space of unconscious agenda or hijack, or a space of anchored self-connection and conscious intention?

When you surrender the attachment to any specific outcome or expectation, what is the underlying and most unfiltered truth most longing to be expressed in the moment?

In this space of opening, welcoming, and permission, you might be in awe of what is wanting to be created through you. Consider the type of impact you would be able to make if you devoted yourself to empowering your authentic self to have full reign to play and create in all the ways that felt most nourishing, pleasurable, and enlivening.

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