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In the Moment You Feel Most Alone, I Want to Remind that You Aren’t Alone

In the Moment You Feel Most Alone, I Want to Remind that You Aren't Alone 1

Life can feel overwhelming, confusing, painful, devastating, and exhausting.

In these moments, we may question our ability to make it through; especially, when it feels like too much and far beyond our scope to handle.

I want to remind you that at the moment you feel most alone, you aren’t alone.

In the moments we feel most isolated and disconnected, we are actually capable of receiving the deepest support if we are willing.

When we feel drained of energy and life force, being vulnerable and reaching out to ask for help can feel like a tall order to fill.

Receiving support and love from our most vulnerable place can also feel like a trial and really scary in the moment.

Let yourself be met in this place of not knowing.

Let yourself be cherished and nurtured in this place of messy confusion and not having it all figured out.

It’s okay to not know.

It’s okay to fall apart.

It’s okay to be the fussy baby or toddler throwing a tantrum.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to feel scared and not know if you can do it.

It’s okay to rest and listen to what needs tending to.

It’s okay to ask for what you need.

It’s okay to receive and not give back anything in return.

Love in it’s truest form is not transactional.

Trust the wisdom of your body and the pace that you need to go to stay connected to yourself, deeper awareness, and instinctual wisdom.

We’ve been trained to override our inner voice and our own body’s intelligence to pursue causes, ideals, or goals that might not align with the truth of all that we know ourselves to be and the greater flow and trajectory of our soul’s calling.

When we feel stuck in resistance and confusion, it’s usually because we are moving in opposition to our true north and the path we have always been destined to walk.

Come back to your body and breath.

Let yourself feel what it is like to hold yourself in your most vulnerable, raw, and tender place.

Meet yourself in this place of unabashed openness.

Give yourself the full permission to welcome all that’s here without trying to fix or change any aspect of yourself or your experience.

From this place, reach tenderly and courageously towards the support of a trusted friend, lover, family member, guide, or mentor.

See what support is available from this place of deeply holding yourself and simultaneously opening yourself to being completely held.

Discover what love becomes available from this true, unconditional meeting of hearts, minds, and souls, human to human, awareness to awareness, as we walk each other home across the endless peaks and valleys of what it means to be devastatingly and deliciously alive.

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