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Praise 1

I’m so grateful to Sandra for the help and guidance she gave me as my life coach. She created space for me to take a deep dive into my intuitive soul and what lights me up the most. This has led to a transformative journey of self-discovery and alignment with my values and future goals. 

I was able to lay out plans for aligning my career and peel back the layers of what I feel is my greater purpose as an educator. She also gave me tips on parenting in this digital age along with strategies for understanding my Gen Z kids. 

In one short year, I have overcome fears and grief that were holding me back and launched a consulting practice of my own. I am a better teacher to my students and I know that she will always be there to support me whenever needed. 

Sandra championed my personal development and is a true leader and builds others up. She is also a friend to the people she works with. I am so grateful for her willingness to share her gifts with her clients.

Much Love!
Kay Markovic

Working with Sandie was one of the best things that I did with my time last year. As an emerging professional psychologist and newly married young woman, I was at a point of transition and I craved some support to rediscover my direction and goals in life. Sandie supported me in both my professional and personal development, in a collaborative and supportive relationship in which I felt I could discuss and explore anything without the fear of judgement or being over analyzed. It was Sandie’s ability to help me tune into my own natural tendencies toward self-nurturing, creativity, and ambitiousness that helped me to get out of my own way and feel more aligned with my sense of self.

For me, it was especially powerful to work with another young woman with similar values and passions around helping others and living authentically.Since working with Sandie, I have completed several significant professional projects and feel renewed passion and connection in my marriage and relationships.

I cannot recommend working with Sandie highly enough, she is a phenomenal and genuine woman.”

—Sarah, Clinical Psychologist and Meditation Teacher

“Sandra was able to attune to my needs and make me feel comfortable, at ease and really listened to and heard. I felt like her healing energy and focus was like a gentle flashlight, shining into my consciousness, mind, body & spirit, revealing the spaces that needed to be healed and the divine presence that was all around.

She guided me to find wholeness and unity within the broken aspects of myself.

I felt like for the first time, I was able to open up light into my heart with a voice that said, “your okay, everything is going to be okay, remember who you are.” Thank you Sandra for the light that you are and all that you do!”

— Katherine, Meditation Teacher & Life Coach

“Sandra Bershad is an incredible spirit who has an amazing gift. She has helped me harness my abilities, understand my sensitive nature and how to be more centered when life overwhelms.

She is a wonderful person who I would recommend to anyone looking to move towards their true self, heal traumas, and identify blockages holding them back from living their best life.

Sandra is a true healer. I highly recommend her.

— Melodie Rose, Sales Director

“I met Sandie by happenstance. I wasn’t looking for a coach, but I was searching for answers and trying to recover from a debilitating nose dive where my health, relationships and purpose in life all came to a crashing halt. 

I went from being a highly functioning, successful woman of the world with a loving husband, a plethora of friends and abundance to a very lonely, depressed individual incapable of orienting myself. I was doing everything possible to find my ground when I met Sandie. Upon meeting her I instantly knew I would benefit from her experience.

Her incredible gifts, intuition and insight have helped me uncover a new path of Soul Discovery. Sandie has assisted me in accessing an aspect of Self that I did not even know existed. 

She doesn’t tell you where the light switch is located but instead through her patience, kindness, gentleness, knowing, and strength of spirit will help you find it for yourself.”

— Jacqueline Purmort, Sales and Marketing Consultant

“Sandra is a master at creating a safe space in which you will feel completely held energetically to allow for a deeper healing experience to occur. She can read your energy and identify the patterns that you are holding, as well as gently guide you to repattern your sensitive nervous system in way that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

In the short time I have worked with her,

She helped me identify a deep subconscious belief I didn’t even know I was carrying, gaining a greater awareness of where I was holding myself back.

She is truly a gem and I highly recommend anyone who is highly sensitive or empathic to work with her!”

– Joyce Reuter, Intuitive Spiritual Mentor and Light Channel

“Sandie’s coaching and extremely wise teachings truly transformed my whole life! When I first went to Sandie’s workshop, I immediately felt deeply connected with her and knew I had to work with her.

She completely understood me inside and out and taught me how to “be me again.” I was in a dark place when we first started to work together and through her guidance she helped me discover my light again!

Sandie is incredibly gifted in her ability to listen to someone’s true heart and help you discover the answers you are looking for.. I cannot thank her enough for saving my life. It is because of her I am living the life that I could only dream of!”

– Gabriella, Real Estate Agent & Entrepreneur

“When I first met Sandie, I immediately felt her strong & precise psychic energy. At the time, I was going through major life changes & recovering from a lot of pain. I needed to be heard, understood & most of all, I needed accurate psychic knowledge. Sandie helped me to become more confident about what I could see for my personal shifts in consciousness. She helped me to see that I was the light within the trying situations that I was faced with. Sandie’s ability to empower those who reach out to her with her intuitive gifts is phenomenal & natural. I’m thankful for her & ‘Im thankful for our journey together.”
Praise 2
Alma Myrtle
Psychic Medium
“Sandie entered my life with open arms and an open heart. Sandie’s willingness and compassion to heal reflected in me my gifts as a healer. Sandie has a divine presence in my life. By her guidance, I have come to understand the responsibility and passion we share to love the world. In Sandie’s presence I feel immense love and acceptance! After experiencing her treatments I was able to integrate that love and apply a deep acceptance to myself and traumas from my childhood. I will forever be grateful and influenced by Sandie’s openness and power which has helped me in so many ways to further my journey to spiritual and emotional enlightenment!”
Praise 3
James D.
Healer & Reiki Master

“Sandie helped me through a difficult time when I was suffering physically, psychologically, and even spiritually. Although we didn’t know each other very well, Sandie opened her heart to me as a friend and offered me her compassion. Because of this genuine care and the profound affect I had seen her healing have on others, I hired her to do integrative energy healing and a sound healing session. 

In each session I felt a profound energetic shift and release of energy that was no longer serving me. After the session, we discussed both what I experienced during the session and what she worked on, and what insight she wanted to pass onto me to better help integrate the changes she had set in motion. 

I found the experience of the session to be relaxing, and the discussion afterward to be insightful and very comfortable as if I was talking to an old friend. I highly recommend working with Sandie — beyond her remarkable talents and intuitive abilities, she offers a big heart and a sincere commitment to her clients’ well being.”

– James Alexander, Business Entrepreneur




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