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Things I Always Wished I Would Have Told You

Things I Always Wished I Would Have Told You 1

I wanted to tell you that you are doing a really great job.⁣

I know it hasn’t been easy. ⁣

Life has been downright devastating and painful at times. ⁣

There have been moments where you have seriously questioned if you could really do it.⁣

Against all odds and everything in your being telling you to give up and run in the other direction, you have continued to show up.⁣

I am in awe of you.⁣

Your courage and perseverance astound me and inspire me to keep going.⁣

You embolden me to want to live more fully and create a life that I will one day look back at with tremendous pride as the last dying breath eases from my body. ⁣

Your light is a rare and precious gift that I couldn’t be more honored to witness and receive.⁣

I want you to know how incredibly proud of you I am and grateful that we have the opportunity to travel through this journey called life together.⁣

Please hear me when I say that nothing you could do would make me ever stop loving you.⁣

My love for you is a love that is free of condition or limitation. ⁣

My love for you runs as deep as the veins that weave themselves through the farthest reaches of the earth itself. ⁣

It is an unshakeable and irrevocable kind of loving as timeless as the stardust embedded in the velvety darkness of the night sky. ⁣

What would it be like to pause for a moment and truly take this in?⁣

What happens when you slow down and connect with yourself and receive my presence and the undiluted truth of my words?⁣

For the love of all that is holy, please don’t give me some regurgitated pleasantry.⁣

I will know if you have truly heard me from the look in your eyes and the way your body speaks to me. ⁣

I will know the second my words automatically slide down the invisible shield that has been erected for so long you’ve forgotten it’s there.⁣

I want you to hear me in a way you have never given yourself permission to before.⁣

It is a listening that happens with your whole body and being, not just your ears.⁣

It is a listening that happens when your shell cracks and the suppleness of your tender, beating heart is left raw and exposed. ⁣

Can you trust me that much?⁣

Can you trust yourself so implicitly that you will give me the honor of fully receiving you?⁣

Will you let me taste the bittersweet tang of your heartache and unfulfilled longings?⁣

Will you allow me to lap up every hurt and regret and become the soothing balm that eases every last bit of tension from your weary muscles and bones?⁣

When I remind you that you don’t have to bear this burden alone, will you bestow upon me the honor of helping you carry some of the weight?⁣

Can you allow yourself to lean on me and have faith that I will always be there?⁣

Will you let me hold you close and cradle you with unwavering strength and conviction as you let yourself fall apart?⁣

Together, we will alchemize the stories of our greatest hurts and the belief that love is a currency only bestowed upon the most worthy.⁣

We will reknit the broken fragments of our souls’ long thought lost with exquisite reverence, gentleness, and care.⁣

We will love ourselves back into wholeness until every last remnant of the illusion of our separateness is reunited with the incredible lightness of our being.⁣

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