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Inner Alignment: Forging the Ground for our Most Authentic Expression of Service

Inner alignment

Inner alignment will help you find your way. We feel a call to be of service to create impact and leave their mark on the world. No longer do we feel trapped in the 9-5 rat race.  We don’t need to promote an agenda of buying and selling our dreams for social ideals and norms of security, happiness, and success.

Old structures and systems collapse. 

We collectively seek to define the foundation and vision for a new reality, earth, and way of being. We have to go through a collective process of unearthing what is no longer in service to the larger ecosystem and world we share to transition from old paradigm consciousness.

We are feeling the effects of being in a pressure cooker as we’re exposed to impacts of political, social, governmental, and ecological stressors that are all going through a drastic change, breakdown, and re-organization.

Having a foundation for our inner alignment has become an evolutionary imperative for our survival. With increasing chaos in our modern world, there could not be a more important time to know who we truly are, what we stand for, what our true purpose is, and how we are meant to be of service.

So, how do we begin attuning to the resonance of our internal wisdom?

How do we begin trailblazing a new path forward and way of being with ourselves and the world that we have previously had no template or map for?

How do we begin to discern and distinguish our unique voice, expression, and purpose for being, from the masses so we can fully actualize the genius we are meant to share?

Trust Your Inner Alignment

Cultivating inner alignment and an anchored connection to our awareness,  guidance, and sense of self, creates a powerful foundation for our sense of confidence, and clarity in who we are, what we most desire, and what we are here to do.

We require a reliable anchor to attune to the resonance of our true self and purpose for being. A reliable anchor is having the capacity to access a grounded baseline in our sense of self-awareness, self trust in ourselves and moment to moment experience.  

 Developing mindfulness to increase self-awareness around our thoughts, feelings, and physiology can help support discernment between our own inner and external realities. When we don’t have a reliable anchor to our internal ground, we can tend to get lost and merge with our external environment.

 It can be a challenge to discern and have clarity around our thoughts, feelings, truths, and desires when our sense of self and identity is merged with and being constantly influenced by conditioning and programming from our outer environment.

Once we cultivate a baseline of mindfulness and self-awareness around our identity, mental, emotional, and personality structures, and have a clear sense of who we are, we can begin to more clearly discern between our conditioned truths and actual foundational truths and experiences.

We can use the body as a gateway and anchoring point to give us a moment to moment feedback around what feels in resonance and dissonance at any given time. By cultivating an ability to listen with our bodies, we can begin to decode our sensations as input around what feels nourishing and supportive, or what might feel draining, toxic, or misaligned with our deepest sense of self.

Through developing our mindfulness and embodied listening capacities, we can begin to align our actions and choices with our internal truths. We are able to activate innate intuitive capacities and the ability to access direct wisdom and insight from our inner compass. We become empowered with the clarity to move towards the people, environments, and circumstances that support our highest sense of alignment.

The process of embodying our authentic voice and genius is catalyzed by our radical commitment to un-schooling ourselves from anything that does not support the integrity of our highest self. Our trust grows in our inner guidance and wisdom as we learn to honor what feels most in alignment and integrity for us at any given moment. As the seed of this trust blooms, we are able to surrender to a deeper space of receptivity. We become a gateway and conduit for creative genius and divine inspiration to flow through.

The actualization of our genius and highest expression of service occurs in this state of sublime surrender. In surrender, we have cultivated such a deep foundation and trust that we are able to let go and get out of our own way. We allow ourselves to be moved and utilized by the force of life and creation, as opposed to trying to control and manipulate our lives into how we think it should be.

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