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The 8 Most Common Ways We Leak Energy

As energetically sensitive and empathic individuals, we are often an open channel and vacuum for everything in our most immediate environment, and exceedingly sensitive to the larger context of our collective consciousness and global climate.

Part of my journey in learning how to nurture my soul amidst the heightened sensitivity I experience has been learning to become a bad-ass in the art of having very clearly defined boundaries.

Believe me, I wasn’t always a bad-ass at it.

There was a steep learning curve for a while as I learned to love and respect myself, honor my truth, and not compromise any part of who I was.

My journey isn’t over in this regard. This process of alignment and surrender is an art and tantalizing practice.

When we don’t have clearly defined energetic boundaries, we unconsciously invite in energies that might not be in our highest service.

There are more than a few telltale signs of poorly defined energetic boundaries.

  • We may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, burned out, and like it’s hard to even feel ourselves.
  • We might feel challenged to discern between our own thoughts and feelings, and those of other people’s.
  • We may even feel like it’s hard to tune into what we want or need.

When our energetic boundaries aren’t defined, we can feel directionless, confused, disconnected from our truth, intuition, and purpose, and like we are residing in a space of constant scarcity.

Our energetic boundaries become weakened when:

1. We are in avoidance of how we feel.

2. We negate our bodies intrinsic inner wisdom and don’t physically take care of ourselves.

3. We abandon our needs.

4. We aren’t consistently honoring and expressing our truth.

5. We don’t assert a clear yes or no.

6. We carry the weight of guilt, shame, fear, and unworthiness.

***When emotions like these aren’t acknowledged, expressed, and ultimately let go of, we become easily entrapped us within dynamics and relationships that don’t serve our highest expression.

7. We minimize ourselves, criticize ourselves, play small, and hide.

8. We refuse to acknowledge what isn’t working and take the necessary actions to aligning with the higher visions for our lives.

Is there a specific place in your life that you notice yourself withholding your truth and expressing your boundaries?

Ask yourself, “what would be the worst possible thing that would happen if I became truly honest with myself, expressed my truth, and set boundaries around what wasn’t serving me?”

The “worst” thing might feel like the scariest thing in the world right now. I totally get it.

Every cell of your being is going to be telling you to run the other way.

I have to be honest with you, and you probably aren’t going to like it.
On the other side of that paralyzing fear is the sweet, sweet freedom you’ve been looking for.

The good news is that once we have the awareness around where our energetic boundaries are weakened, we can transform the dynamics that are constantly draining our energy and vitality.

Once we make the choice to step into higher alignment with our truth, we become empowered to transform the stories and programs of overwhelm, fear, and scarcity and reside at a higher resonance of love, abundance, fulfillment, and freedom.

We become so dialed into the divine and the subtle language of energetics, vibration, and resonance that we align with the exact energetic reciprocal we need to masterfully design the masterpiece of our lives and effortlessly magnetize our energetic match on every level of our life.

As a fellow highly sensitive empath, I’ve learned a few pretty magical tricks to effectively amplify the energetic field, keep the energy body clear, and build solid, energetic boundaries.

I created a free, powerful, guided meditation, which will support you in strengthening your own energetic boundary and clear your energetic field in under 10-minutes.

Download your free copy here.

Ready to do some deeper level clearing work, and transform the habits and patterns preventing you from aligning with the highest vision for your soul?

Connect with me to set up a Free Intuitive Clarity Call.

I would be honored to support you on your journey.

In gratitude,


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