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Intuitive Alignment- Re-connecting to Our Intuitive Ground

As an intuitive mentor, healer, and fellow spiritual explorer, I encounter a lot of individuals who have a longing to be connected to their intuition. They yearn to be in a state of flow and trust in their natural direction and inner wisdom. The ironic thing is most people are already accessing their intuition on a daily basis.

The common question I hear is that, well if I’m already connected to my intuition than why am I still struggling? Why do I still feel like something is missing? Why do I feel overwhelmed and like the path ahead is unclear? Why do I still feel trapped and misaligned with the love, abundance, and freedom I desire?

The quick answer is, the only reason we still feel out of alignment is because we aren’t heeding the call of our intuitive wisdom and inner guidance.

We are continuously receiving subtle cues and feedback from our bodies and environment. Our bodies are incredibly sensitive and powerful conduits for discerning, experiencing, interpreting, and shaping our environment. Our body can tell us the moment that something feels off, painful, or unsafe.

We get instantaneous feedback when something feels nourishing, pleasurable, or aligned. The majority of the time we end up ignoring these subtle cues. Learning how to be in our bodies and listen to our bodies wisdom isn’t something that has been traditionally instilled in our society and culture.

The Trance of Our Daily Lives

We are unconsciously programmed to fall prey to self-created stories, beliefs, drama, other people’s feedback and criticism, and social conditioning. We learn, and are even encouraged, to make excuses, play it safe, compete and compare ourselves to each other, and settle even though we know it’s not what we truly want.

We forget to take care of ourselves and can be easily seduced by addictive tendencies that have become a part of the larger status quo. Social, media, binge-watching, drugs, alcohol, hook-up culture, are just a few of the pastimes that have been normalized. We allow our own fears and inhibitions to dissuade us from leaping off the edge of our comfort zone and moving towards what we most deeply desire.

The truth is, the only thing blocking us from living in communion with our intuition and higher wisdom is our own fear, lack of trust in ourselves, and the degree that we are willing to courageously act in the face of our fears.

When we are disconnected from ourselves, our tendency to want to ignore our needs intensifies.

– What body cues and signals have I been ignoring?
– Where have I been leaking energy and vitality by not setting solid, energetic boundaries?
– What have I been avoiding for fear of failure?
– Where am I still compromising and not fully honoring my truth?
– Where am I not caring for myself and giving myself the love and support that I really deserve?

These are all questions I ask myself when I feel out of alignment and like I am struggling to hear my intuition and inner voice of wisdom. When I am feeling powerless and disconnected from myself, my personal inclination is to want to avoid my experience rather than confront it. Asking ourselves questions like the ones above can feel intensely confronting because they can instantaneously illuminate where we aren’t living in alignment.

Re-alignment With Our Intuitive Ground

To re-align ourselves with our inner ground, intuition, and inner-compass, we begin to gently shine the light of awareness on the areas in our lives that we feel like we haven’t been living in full integrity. We go back to basics. We assess where we haven’t been caring for ourselves in the ways that make us feel most supported and nourished.

For instance, you might check-in and take note of how much sleep have I been getting lately? What types of foods have I been putting into my body? Have I been eating on a regular schedule? Am I getting enough rest time? Am I moving my body and getting enough exercise? Have I had any time for things that I enjoy and have fun doing? Have I been able to connect intimately with those that I feel close to and love?

It might seem tremendously basic and obvious, but it’s amazing how easily these things can fall by the wayside when we feel out of alignment with ourselves.

If you were to just pick two of the things on this list to start consciously tending to on a daily basis, your relationship to yourself and sense of self-connection would drastically transform for the better. I would recommend choosing the two areas of your life that you feel your needs aren’t being consistently met. Once you’ve selected your two areas, block out time in your schedule this week, so you can meet those needs.

For example, if sleep is a need you haven’t been able to meet, make it your priority for one week to go to sleep at a consistent time every night. If you find yourself rushing through your meals and not eating the foods that make you feel your best, for this next week, give yourself at least 50% more time than you usually do to enjoy your meals.

See what happens as you slow down and actually tune into what your body wants to eat, as opposed to just grabbing the fastest thing from the fridge. If it’s been weeks since you’ve taken a break and done something nourishing for yourself, what’s that thing you’ve wished you had the time for and haven’t given yourself the space to do?

Becoming Self-Care Savvy 

If you want to take it a step farther, make a list of all the things that make you feel the most nourished and cared for, and then block out self-care time in your schedule for the week. You might physically block out time for a nap, meditation, bath, exercise, a date night with your intimate partner or friend, time to read, write or pursue other creative pursuits. It’s your self-care time, and you have access to a boundless well of knowledge and wisdom to know how to best care for yourself in this moment.

It’s amazing what happens when we begin to create regularity and consistency in the way that we take care of ourselves. From a space of deep self-connection, we can access deeper clarity around what supports our highest expression and what inhibits our highest expression.

Higher Alignment Through Intentional Action

With a stable foundation, we don’t have to fight so hard to hear ourselves. Our ability to reside in a space of trust in ourselves and our direction is amplified because we are maintaining our bodies vessel with tremendous care. We are resourcing ourselves, filling up our proverbial cups, and consistently meeting our own needs. When we are resourced, then it becomes that much easier to discern where we haven’t been honoring and expressing our truth and setting clear boundaries around what we need and what most deeply serves us.

We no longer have to reach outside of ourselves for an external sense of validation or stability, we have learned how to be our own anchor. We no longer negate our needs for other people, we recognize by listening to our own intuitive wisdom that we will align with the awareness, energetic resonance, and vibration necessary to creating the foundation for the life we most desire to create.

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