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Shattering Paradigms: Expanding Beyond What We Believe is Possible

When we are navigating transitional thresholds and expanding beyond our perceived doorway of what is possible, it is normal for our deepest fears and core wounds to surface.

As we begin to move beyond the old paradigms of our conditioning, it is natural to contract and reach back towards what was known and familiar.

In these moments, we might want to soothe ourselves through habits that may not feel the most supportive and nourishing.

Embracing The Magnitude of Our Light

Our addictive habits and patterns are indicative of stored shame and unworthiness still present within our system that distrust the state of grace, ease, love, pleasure, and freedom that is our natural birthright.

These wounded parts of ourselves arise to keep us safe. And they insulate us from further pain, wounding, and annihilation.

There is a sense of wanting to dilute our primordial essence and the incredible force of our true nature because we are afraid of the magnitude of our light and brilliance.

In these moments, how can you begin to make more conscious the subconscious impulses that are threatened by your expansion?

A Practice To Integrate Subconscious Impulses

As a practice, you can move your awareness to your bodies’ sensations and experience and notice:

Am I in my body and connected to myself right now?” “Can I actually feel myself right now?

If you notice yourself experiencing disconnection, can you take a moment to move towards the experience of your embodiment and the grounding force of your physical presence?

Once you move towards the experience of your embodiment, you can feel the deeper level feeling or underlying need that is present and yearning to be met.

The Choice That Comes With Attunement

Through this deeper listening and practice of attunement, we have access to a choice point.

  1. We can allow ourselves to become hijacked by our fears and core wounded aspects.
  2. Or we can empower ourselves to turn towards and soothe the part of us that feels threatened.

We slow down into an embodied presence and witnessing, listening with the full force of our loving awareness to the cry of the underlying need that has always longed to be seen, loved, and fully met.

We attune to, honor, and cherish ourselves in the way that we’ve always longed to be. We commit to being the parent, lover, and friend we’ve never had.

Showing Up For Ourselves

We recognize that as we profoundly show up for ourselves, the universe rises to meet us in the most spectacular, awe-inspiring, and magical ways.

We are no longer operating under the illusion that we have to struggle to be deeply met and actualize our greatest dreams and desires.

We recognize that as we devote our whole selves to honoring and filling up our internal reservoir, we naturally magnetize what supports our highest expression into our lives.

I would love to hear what practices support you in feeling the most resourced and connected to yourself as you are navigating transition and growing beyond your perceived version of what is possible?

Is there a part of you that is burning to break through to a new paradigm and way of being and design a life that is aligned with your deepest soul’s expression?

Apply here for an Intuitive Breakthrough Session. 

In gratitude,


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