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To Answer The Call


Fill up, fill up, fill up. Dear child, woman, man, other, that with no description. There is no amount of nourishment that is selfish to take in.

Receive, eat and drink your weight in life’s nectar. Allow the richness of the soil to saturate your pores and the sunlight to drench every inch of your skin.

You were meant for greatness. To live human. To live awake. To live experience. To live love. To live

heartbreak. To live it all.

There is no amount of life, no dream large enough to contain the infinity of your Being.

You are starlight, glittering dust of the heavens, placenta and blood, fetus and corpse. Bone.

Your being naturally thrives towards the fulfillment of life and source. You are an unstoppable force.

The inertia of wakefulness dare not cower before the insignificance of ego. We dare not possess ourselves.

The self does not belong to. The self can’t be owned or purchased or controlled. The self can’t be broken. The self can’t die or feel pain.

We buy and sell our humanity and our mortality. We play God. We become the overseers of what never belonged to us. We manipulate the mirror of our experience and distort the image, the reflection, until we see what we want to see.

We care so little for the destruction, the casualties, and the innocent bystander. Yet, we are weeping inside for what once was and what could be.

The dying embers of hope are our last salvation. The dream for a better world, a different way of being, are in tatters clinging to the dilapidated shack by the sea.

The sea of our cities, of civilization, of our burning forests and poisoned water.

Heed the call of your true nature, your wild one. Paws pounding the earth. The drum of the eternal heartbeat. The dust is disturbed from its resting place to mix with our panting breath.

Chest heaving, invigorated, we are alive. We have awakened. No longer the hunted, but the hunter. We thirst for blood, for life giving source.

Reclaim your birth-rite as warriors of wakefulness. Lead with your hearts.

Allow the vulnerability of your humanness to penetrate every cell of your being.

Open yourself. Become righteously naked and bare.

Love until your heart breaks. Love so deeply that your heart breaks open again and again. Shatter any illusory wall protecting you against the glorious majesty and light of your incredible being.

Bow before every voice and fear proclaiming you are less than whole, and thank them for showing you how to love and surrender even more fully.

Die. Become reborn. No longer are you falling down the rabbit hole, you are making the choice to jump. No longer paralyzed by fear, you are dancing with the devil.

You are the Saint and the sinner. You are the shadow and the light. You are human, and yet you are beyond human. You are all that is, all that is life, and all that exists between and beyond. You walk through the valleys of life and death and are the portals between them.

Wield the sword of your awareness with grace and humility. Nurture and tend to the seeds of your life as you would a young babe.

Allow the fertile shoots of your experience to flower and fertilize the masterpiece of every ripe moment.

Breathe in. Allow. Be. Be it all.

©2016 Sandie Bershad

If you enjoyed the poem, feel free to check out the spoken word video on YouTube <3 My first vulnerable video <3

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