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Lost and Found: An Exploration Into the Unknown

At a certain point we lose ourselves within the river. From torrents, to unpredictable currents you never know where you will really end up.

Surrendering to the flow is sometimes all we can do because to resist may mean certain death.

That’s why so many people drown during storms. It’s not the storm itself, it’s actually the current that you swim against. It is bringing you farther and farther away from all that you have ever known.

But, in your resistance and almost frantically tortuous effort to escape back to what is most comfortable and known you become so exhausted you just give up.

Sapped of energy, life force, and hope of ever finding that familiar shore again, you are set adrift in the current.

Perhaps certain physical death will find you, yet perhaps in those moments where you slip off into the stillness of your unconsciousness you awaken to the piercing sunlight streaming through your eyes, the sweet tangy smell of the sea wafting through your nostrils, and the rumbling roar of ocean waves crashing around you as you are jolted awake by the shock of cool waters cascading over your blistering skin.

Somehow you are alive, you made it here, wherever here is. On a deserted island nature is your only companion. Who are you now without any other person, place, or thing, to see you? In this moment what matters most to you? What do you need? What do you most desire?

Left in the utter spaciousness of your own experience do you choose to die or do you choose life?

In actuality there is no escape, even in death, even in giving up. Let surrender be your gateway to new life, to renewal, to birth, and Freedom.

In jumping off a precipice sometimes the most frightening part is not that you are going to a place you’ve never been before, but actually to a place all too familiar.

Old patterns or habits don’t have to be our most feared and hated enemies, they can become loving and gentle reminders to slow down and really listen to the guiding force within us.

The inner sage only becomes our inner critic when we struggle against the truth of our experience being revealed.

And if you find yourself in that place once again, that place where your self hatred and disappointment begins to encapsulate you within the chains of your own shame, take that moment to recognize the incredible awareness that is your birthright. The incredible awareness that is shining the light on the ways in which you are innately moving towards experiences that are the most instrumental and integral to your growth and wholeness.

We are forces of creation that are powerful beyond measure. Creation weaves this seemingly unending cycle of multidimensional existence in which every experience is vital and unimaginably perfect. Not perfect because one experience is necessarily better than the other. Perfect in the way that your experience is all there is.

If we are continuously creating our experience in every moment, do we make the conscious choice to surrender to wherever the tide is taking us? Or, do we make the choice to courageously swim with the current towards an unknown destination of unimaginable possibility or potentiality?

Between surrender and intentional action do we become truly empowered in becoming the conscious author and creator of our reality.

With love and gratitude,

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