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Are You Ready to Get Turned On?

Being in a state of turn on feels amazing right? It can feel liberating, juicy, and downright powerful. Feeling turned on is comparable to being in a “flow” state.

When we are in a state of turn on, we can feel incredibly connected, open, radiant, embodied, confident, and in tune with the people in our lives and our life circumstances. We may feel magnetic and in touch with our sensuality, intuition and inner power.

The funny thing about maintaining turn on is that it requires that we know how to turn off.

Openness and receptivity can’t exist without contraction and disconnection.

As awakened beings on the path, it’s not our responsibility to be open, loving, and radiant in every single moment. This is actually a common misconception 😉

In fact, there will be many instances when we are in such a deep process with our own pain that our threshold for connection and openness is non-existent. The process of waking up can be fantastically shitty.

Blaming ourselves for shutting down, or taking space, negates the inner wisdom of our contraction.

It’s not that we don’t have the strength to deal with life’s challenges. All of our inner resources are being streamlined to work a new muscle and way of being.

When we retreat, contract, and disconnect we are actually creating the time and space needed to support our integration.

Integration is a vital nutrient for our growth and healing.

The time that you devote to retreating and caring for yourself is an act of incredible self-love.

Honor and celebrate the contraction that is leading to the birth of a new “you.”

Honoring our contraction can fill our proverbial cup with the juice, flow state, or turn on that we’ve been yearning for.

When you find yourself in resistance and judgement around how you’ve been showing up, take a moment to send yourself some love and appreciation.

Thank yourself for the incredible courage it takes to go inward and honor your contraction and the wisdom of your turn off.

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