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The Wisdom Of Our Desire

The Wisdom Of Our Desire 1

Over this past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about desire.

Desire isn’t inherently good or bad.

When we constrain our desires with an attachment to a specific outcome, we become muted to the other possibilities and potentials that are available to us.

What if we could fully welcome our desire as the raw, creative force that it actually is?

What if our desire wasn’t oriented towards the perception of what we were lacking but was instead illuminating what was already possible and accessible?

Attuning to our desire can not only turn us on and feel deliciously enlivening but also can invoke our passion and be the bridge to our deeper sense of purpose and values.

The more we are in touch with and embody our desires, the greater our ability is to unapologetically rest in the deeper knowing of our higher values and truths.

We are no longer living in resistance to the truth of what we feel or are second-guessing ourselves.

We have cultivated our ability to become intimate with our inner longings and the dreams we once felt too vulnerable and terrified to reveal.

We have learned that our desire is a cause for celebration rather than a sign that we don’t yet have what we long for.

As we welcome our desire, we realize it is a beacon with the power to illuminate our pathway home to the unbridled, raw, creative life force that is our true nature.

Your desires and longings are not meant to be tamed and made prisoner.

How might your life change if your desires weren’t chained to a specific outcome, idea, or possibility?

What might be possible with the invitation and permission to allow your desires to run free?

Who might you become if you allowed yourself to never hold back, feel deeply, live passionately, and no longer contain the majesty of the dreams and love that are your birthright?

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