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Making Friends With Our Resistance

Making Friends With Our Resistance 1
Resistance arises most presently for me when I don’t want to be in relationship with an experience I perceive to be uncomfortable, scary, or painful. ⁣
I’ve noticed resistance most presently in my system when:⁣

  • I have to vocalize a truth to someone I care about ⁣that feels vulnerable or risky to share.⁣
  • I have committed to pursuing something that creatively pushes my edge and requires me to be more visible. ⁣
  •  I am launching a new project or venture that still hasn’t been tested and has the potential for failure or to receive criticism. ⁣
  • I have become aware of habits and patterns that need to fundamentally shift so that I can be fully congruent, maintain integrity, and align with what is authentically serving me in the present moment. ⁣
  •  I recognize that my deepest values are no longer aligning with my outer actions. I have to take greater responsibility for my experience by honoring my values in every moment if I want a different experience. ⁣
  • And, the innumerable amount of situations in which I will inevitably find myself in a place where I feel like I have no control and surrendering is really the only option. ⁣
⁣Does any of this sound familiar? ⁣
Can you relate to any of the above?⁣
If so, I want to congratulate you because you are doing a wonderful job being human. ❤
What I’ve discovered along the way is that as much as resistance can be a bummer to deal with, it actually can be an extraordinary ally.⁣
When resistance shows up in my field, I know that I am on the cusp of a tremendous shift. ⁣

Resistance is the epitome of growing pains because whether we have to say yes or no to something, we are drawing a line in the sand and committing to making a choice that will alter the course of our lives.⁣

We can only hang out in the lands of non-commitment and inaction for so long. ⁣
Eventually, we will have to pick a lane and decide if we want to learn to work with our resistance, actively oppose it, or enable it to become a formidable enemy that tries to derail us at every turn. ⁣
With patience, compassion, and loving-kindness, resistance can shift from an enemy to a frenemy kind of relationship until we finally learn to truly befriend it. ⁣
Over time, we can transform the perception that our resistance is a force that exists outside of us and our control.⁣
We can develop an appreciation for this part of ourselves because we realize that when it arises, we are being given an opportunity to lean into an edge that has felt uncomfortable or painful and grow through the experience.⁣

As we lean into this edge of our resistance, we can expand and grow beyond our perception of what we feel is possible and what we believe we are capable of. ⁣

Next time resistance arises, see if you can create space to welcome the aspects that feel uncomfortable or painful. ⁣
Notice as you give yourself space and permission to welcome what’s most present if there might be greater space to connect with the parts of you that might feel excited or even inspired by what’s possible.

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