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Spiraling Inward- Four Ultimate Yet Helpful Approaches In A Pandemic

With all that is arising within our collective ecosystem, taking “time-out” for ourselves is less about preventing a physical pandemic, and more about skillfully navigating the emotional and energetic impacts of a fear pandemic.

If we are feeling confused, scared, overwhelmed, or unsure about something or how to move forward, the best thing we can do is spiral inward towards a deeper state of inner listening.

From this place of anchored self-connection, we can attune to the resonance of our inner truth and slow down to interpret our next most aligned action.

Taking “time-out” doesn’t mean we allow ourselves to become disconnected and uninformed about what’s occurring globally, or prevent ourselves from taking conscious steps and precautions to take care of ourselves, loved ones, friends, and communities.

Through the practice of spiraling inward, we increase our bodies’ and nervous system’s capacity to self-regulate.

With greater systemic regulation, we gain access to a wider threshold of discernment, so we are only taking in the information necessary to stay informed and allow all other energies, programming, and beliefs that are not constructive to pass through.

The more activated and stressed we allow ourselves to become, the greater the impact is on our physiology.

Regardless of the cause, whenever we are experiencing prolonged stress and overwhelm, this not only taxes our nervous system but our immune system as well.

With heightened levels of cortisol, we have less resilience and capacity to fight off infection and disease.

We are also unable to access deeper states of nervous system rest, reset, and repair.

When we are in a fight or flight response, we are often making choices out of a pure survival and fear response.

In flight or flight, we lose access to higher executive functioning and literally can’t think or reason as clearly.

Some best practices for right now include:

1. Being Self-Care Savvy:

Take as much time and space as you need for rest and nourishment. Sleep well and deeply as much as possible. Our bodies can only access deeper levels of repair when we give ourselves all the time we need to turn off and reset. Drink lots of water and allow yourself to practice eating at a slower pace than you usually do. Allow your body to guide you towards the foods that will most nurture and revitalize you. Nutritional supplements and supplements specifically geared towards nervous system support, can also be tremendously helpful during times of amplified stress. If you aren’t sure about the supplements best for your physical makeup, make sure to consult your doctor or natural healthcare practitioner.

2. Spiraling Inward and Tuning In:

Things like meditation, binaural/bilateral stimulation music, sound healing, breathwork practice, Yoga (I especially like Yin or slower, more alignment focused flow practices during times of high stress), non-linear movement practice, energy mastery practices and visualizations, and spending time in nature, are all amazing practices that nurture our internal ecosystem. As our internal ecosystem becomes nourished, we experience an increased connection to our inner guidance system. From this place of deep self-connection, we are able to stay more easily in contact with our core sense of self, inner-home, and highest truth, no matter what may be occurring in our environment externally.

3. Igniting the Movement Within Our Creative Spirit:

Creating of any kind gives us an outlet for expression and the ability to keep the energy flowing and moving, so it doesn’t get stuck in our nervous systems and turn into stress and depletion energetically, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Whether you like to write, paint, beatbox, sing, dance, read, sing, play music, woodwork, hike, knit, garden, or work out, find your most aligned outlet of expression for your energy level.

4. Attune to and Honor Your Pace:

Lastly, go at the exact pace that feels good for you. Trust that you and your body know exactly how you need to take care of yourself at any given moment. If you move through the world from a deeper state of inner listening, you can’t go wrong. Remember, if you are ever unsure or confused, spiraling inward will help you find your internal ground again and open into connection with the true source of all that you are.

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