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Everything You Are Doing Right Now is Enough

Everything You Are Doing Right Now is Enough 1

It’s the end of a long and hard day. You are exhausted. Maybe you only got half of what you wanted to get done. So what do you do? ⁣

Maybe you don’t notice it at first because it’s so subtle. You reach for the extra cookie or handful of chips. You watch just one more episode of Netflix. You scroll through social media, all in the hopes of avoiding feeling what you are feeling. ⁣

We can be our own worst critics, abusers, and bullies. We create impossible standards, and when we fail to meet the expectations we’ve placed on ourselves, we become experts in punishing ourselves. ⁣

I know you’ve been there before, just as I have. You are running on empty and can’t seem to break the cycles of burnout, exhaustion, and stress because nothing is ever good enough for the critic inside. ⁣

Who’s voice do you hear when you tell yourself you aren’t enough? Is it yours or someone else’s? ⁣

But, what if you slowed down enough to start becoming aware of when you were pushing yourself past your reasonable limits? What if you began to notice when the critic and bully inside were beginning to hijack you? ⁣

We can become empowered with the choice to decide whose voice will win. We can determine if we want to be driven and motivated by love or hate. Right now, at this moment, you can choose to treat yourself in the way you most long to be treated. You can decide that you are enough and that all you are doing is enough. ⁣

Now, put a hand on your heart and another on your belly. Take a deep, slow breath in and say, “I am enough. Everything I am doing right now is enough.” ⁣

Write down three things that you can celebrate yourself for today. Allow yourself to fully receive what you are celebrating.

Take a few moments to notice how you feel now in this present moment.

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