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What’s your relationship with celebration?

What's your relationship with celebration? 1

When you accomplish something that took a great deal of perseverance and effort to actualize, do you allow this milestone to pass unrecognized?

Or, is it your practice to savor the fruits of this long-held vision, goal, or dream, allowing yourself to slow down enough to taste the subtle nuances and flavors of the creation you wrought?

How might you lap up that specific quality of excitement tinged with trepidation as you embark at the very beginning of your voyage, the wild unknown lying before you like a succulent feast waiting to be devoured?

Every stage of the journey is imbued with a particular zest.

Beginnings and endings tend to be the most bitter-sweet and, as such, are given the most air time. They definitively mark what has come to be and what will never be again.

But, let’s not skip over the grittiness of an idea unformed.

Let’s not forget what it feels like to hold the dough raw, wet, and pliant in our hands, warm with the inception of what it is already rising into and what has already begun to take shape.

Let’s not forget the fierce anticipation of staring into that void of darkness, pulling the doorway to the infernal cauldron only slightly ajar, only to be met with a blasting force of heat, sharply contrasting to the muted landscape we have come to know so well.

Our curiosity might get the better of us in this place, helpless against the urge to feast upon our creation before it is ready. Those in-between spaces between formlessness and form are always the most challenging to be with.

We sense what has begun to take shape.

This yearning to know the fruition of our creation before it has yet to fully form is a decadent kind of seduction. Our hopes and dreams of what will be hang like specters chained to the long-forgotten alleyways they once traveled when they walked amongst the living. We come upon that pinnacle time where the only option we have is to watch, wait, and observe.

What will be, will be… We realize we have no influence.

Our creation has taken on a life of its own, and surrendering to the raw force of its potential is the only option. We have met our maker, the cause to our effect, the insatiable muse, the seeker, the catalyst, and the only worthy adversary of our lifetime. All creation has ever wanted to do was to move through us uninhibited and unobstructed from the symmetry of its natural flow.

Just for this moment, can you pause to revel in the moments between known and unknown?

Can you luxuriate in the dreams yet to be woven into the threads of existence?

Can you celebrate what is incubating without the promise and certainty that what is birthing will be just as you imagined? Are you willing to become as intimate with the void as you have with creative possibility?

Will you dance with the heart-wrenching ecstasy of every phase and stage of the becoming of the pure seed of creation that you are?

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