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To All Those Who Love to Love & Long for Love

To All Those Who Love to Love & Long for Love 1

You are loved. You are supported.⁣

You are so worthy and deserving of being met exactly where you are and as you are right now. ⁣

You don’t need to fix or change yourself to be loved, honored, and celebrated. ⁣

You have the permission to fully receive, be wholly and deeply worshipped, and be seen and met in your depth and magnificence.⁣

You get to show up in the pain and the messiness, and the remarkable beauty of all that you are. ⁣

There is no quota you have to meet or level you have to reach to be more worthy or lovable. ⁣

You can’t put a price tag on the gift of getting to experience all that is unconditionally and unapologetically you, because baby, your presence has always been priceless. ⁣

Thank you for giving yourself permission to feel what it is to love. ⁣

Thank you for feeling the tender ache of allowing your heart to be fully cracked open.⁣

Thank you for letting your longing for love to stretch and expand your capacity for loving far beyond what you knew was possible. ⁣

Thank you for your incredible courage and trusting yourself enough to open your heart to love again even after it’s been broken.⁣

Thank you for remembering that you are the love that you’ve been seeking all along.⁣

No matter how far you feel you might have strayed from love; love is where you will always return. ⁣

It is impossible to be separate from something that has always been a part of your essential nature and the interweaving fabric of all that you are. ⁣

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