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The Path of the Heart

It is within the chaos we lose ourselves, but the lantern that casts a soft cascading glow within the darkest hours of the night is the transparency of our willingness to expose our humanness.

I want to see you, feel you, share your tears of pain, joy, love, and laughter dispelling any illusion that we are anything but one.

Yet, in those moments of stillness when the sweetness of our breath kisses each other, I want to celebrate the unique creation that is you and you alone; as the teacher, lover, enemy, perpetrator, friend, dear fellow traveler on the path of life, that you are.

In whatever way your reflection chooses to dance within the inner mirror of our beings, I surrender to loving all that is you, even if within that surrendering that which is “me,” dies too.

Can we trust so fully and completely that we allow each other to guide one another to the doorway of death, relinquishing the stories that have been our greatest confidantes and our dearest companions?

Do you trust me enough to listen to the infinite wisdom of your being even if it threatens to hurt me or upset the delicate balance of our relationship?

I don’t just want to float through life slithering kindly around the feelings I’ve been too afraid to utter for fear of my impending abandonment and rejection.

I want real fucking contact. The type thats deliciously honest and even messy at times.

I want those ripples on the water to turn into waves where the crest and peaks of the tides are honored and celebrated as much as the crash.

I invite the storm and the explosion, the moments of complete destitution and immobilizing fear, the moments of unfathomable connection, awe, and animalistic primordial ecstasy that is the embodied birth rite of these sacred vessels.

Loving only one piece or part is not an option anymore, I want to devour the whole thing, caressing, savoring, celebrating every curve and scar of your inner and outer being.

I have come to find that our experience is a vast array of different shapes, sounds, colors, smells, sights, and feelings that coexist in an unending ever arising symphony and balance. One can never exist without the other. There is and has always been only one unfolding dream.

Will you journey with me even here?

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