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The Gift of our Humanness

~I feel alive. There is a quality of fierce crispness, sharpening the edges of my sensory world to a deliciously lethal point. Like the snap of a winter’s breeze on the swift inhale of a breath far too fleeting.

The shallow way we taste our experiences only undermines the inherent vitality and aliveness that we so desperately yearn to feel in every moment of this unending waking dream.

In our hurriedness to evade the penetrating sensation of what may disturb a once unchanged landscape, we miss the moment, the only moment that has ever existed and will deign to exist ever again. The moment where we realize that there is no separation between that which you perceive as your ’self’ and the infinite ground of reality.

One moment missed is all moments missed. Yet, there are forces of nature beyond our comprehension and we are but specks of bioluminescent pulsating energy intertwined in an ecstatic union of darkness and light, stillness and chaos, vibration and space, birth and death, continuously weaving new patterns of understanding.

The dawn of our perception need not only be the beginning, but an interdimensional gateway to vast untouched lands beyond liminal comprehension.

We have breached the barriers of our perceived liminality when we begin to dance with our innate resistance to no longer being here nor there, no longer being betwixt nor between, but simply just being.~


“You speak the silent whispers of the souls yearning, the silent lullabies of ages long past and only beginning to be birthed. You speak of a time when magic was alive in every fiber of the worlds being. A story weaver of what once was and what will be. Love has always prevailed even in the darkest hours of the night where twinkling stars of hope appear to be always on the brink of being swallowed by the dazzling blackness of eternal space. Oh the irony. For dreams have always been waking and only now do they live, breathe, and love as waking meets awakened and the creative force of life itself rises up to recognize and celebrate that which made it.”

How incredible to witness the unfolding inherent interconnectedness and dispel the illusion of separation.

As I have lain awake sleepless and trembling with devastation and despair, so have you…

I may not know you yet, but how many moments of intimacy have we shared?

Beyond the veils of time, when has the singularity of our experience joined us in sacred union beyond our conscious knowledge?

In those moments where I am overcome, prostrate across the familiar hardness of the ground, the heartbeat of the earth with every beat reminding me that I am alive and can never be alone, is it “god” that I cry out for? Or has it always been You?

Words have not been exchanged, but the cry from the heart when released at the peak of its bursting fullness bridges the islands of time and distance.

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