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I Still Get Scared…

I Still Get Scared... 1

I still get scared.

Even after all of these years of inner work and baring my soul through a variety of different mediums, being seen can still feel terrifying.

I think back to grad school psychology class, where there was often a tennis racket in the corner so that we could bash the poor pillows in the corner with all of our raw unexpressed anger.

Or, the numerous deeper process classes where we would be invited to work through our most tender childhood wounds, 1-1 with the teacher facilitating as the entire class watched on from the periphery.

I reflect on the numerous therapy sessions where I have leaned into the often devastatingly beautiful process of allowing myself to be witnessed in feeling my body and sinking into the sensations and exquisitely tender emotions I’ve been afraid to feel and fully be with.

I think of every time I’ve chosen to get up in front of a crowd of people, my heart pounding and stomach in knots, as I risk baring my truth of the moment and sharing the passion and devotion I have to wholly embody all that we are.

Feeling safe to soften into the full vulnerability of our presence and share the truth of all that we are is a journey.

It is a voyage in trusting ourselves to turn inwards to welcome the parts of ourselves we’ve been afraid to see and feel.

It is a practice of holding our fears and deepest wounds tenderly with gentleness and a compassionate touch.

Allowing ourselves to be seen is a tremendous act of courage and intimacy.

When we give ourselves the gift of being seen in the full embodiment of our truth, we invite others to feel safety and permission to do the same.

So, please continue to share yourself and the sublime beauty of all of your intricate layers and truths.

Please continue to lean in even when it feels scary, and everything in your being is telling you to hide.

There are no words to articulate how much you endlessly inspire me and others by being willing to just be you.

You are a stunning masterpiece to behold, just as you are right now. ❤

Photo by: Sophia Billikop

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