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I have always craved depth

I have always craved depth 1

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination for what lies under the surface.

As a little girl, I would spend hours diving below the waves, mystified by the other world under the sea that felt so drastically different than the overwhelm I had grown to know above.

 Beneath the surface of the water, everything was muted and somehow slower. 

I could feel myself and the textures and flavors of the world with much greater clarity.I could behold the landscape from a new vantage point, attuning to every nuance and detail, appreciating the artistry of what lay before me. 

Under the surface, all was stripped bare, raw, and unencumbered by the weight of being something other than what it was meant to be. There was no pretense or pretending. The crab did not seek to emulate the jellyfish any more than the barnacle wished it could be a seashell.

 All arose in perfect symmetry, nature going about its business unapologetically, reliably, and in devotion to its charted course. 

This depth and simplicity of being is something I crave in my relationships with others as much as the world around me.  I long to be endlessly delighted by the ever-changing landscape of your wild terrain. 

I want to become intimate with the wilderness of your deepest dreams and regrets. 

I want to know your shadow as profoundly as the light you have allowed to gleam through the surface. I long to lap up your tears, savoring the specific flavors of your grief and heart-breaking sorrow of what it is to love so fiercely. 

I want to bask in the exquisite warmth of your unbridled joy and wonder for your aliveness. 

These are the depths I wish to dance. 

Will you join me?

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