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Heeding the Call of Awakening: A Summoning to the Inner Teacher, Healer, and Wise One

Something spectacular happens when we allow ourselves to soften and open. Our vulnerability is a force of nature, the opposite of the weakness and fragility that we’ve been conditioned to believe.
It is fascinating that when we make the choice to become more visible, we instinctually want to shrink, fold into ourselves, and disappear unseen. The closer we inch to the freedom we long for, the more seductive the darkness becomes.
It whispers promises of safety and comfort. It tries to persuade us that change is the enemy. It draws a definitive boundary in the sand. When we become dangerously close to crossing over into a land unchartered, the force of our fear threatens to paralyze us.
“What if I fail?” the voice says. “What if I risk everything, lose everything, lose everyone?”
The most defining moments of our lives occur when we are faced with the paradox of choosing between our limitations and unknown potentials.
Heeding the Call of Awakening: A Summoning to the Inner Teacher, Healer, and Wise One 1
Every breakthrough or success we’ve ever had is inextricably entwined with the pain of breaking free from what no longer defines us.
Growing pains are inevitable on the path towards embodying our brilliance.
What we feel is the tenderization of our heart, the unavoidable cracking open of our body and soul; the unstoppable light searing away the untruths that hold no power over us anymore. We are left raw, bleeding, exposed. 
We have experienced one of the most fearsome battles, and lived to tell the story. Our wounds and scars are a testament to our extraordinary courage and resilience.
We may feel most vulnerable in these moments; when all has been stripped away and we are left bare, humbled. Yet, do we not thrum with aliveness, with the exhilaration of
being seen and witnessed for the truth of who we are, and why we chose to come here
When we make the choice to move towards our destiny, it may feel as if we are standing at the edge of a cliff. The darkness is unforgiving. The silence is pregnant and deafening, as if the very earth is holding its breath.
We may think that making the jump is the hardest part, but is it the action that we are most fearful of, or the idea? Our deepest dreams and most precious longings we never meant to become unlived regrets.
Heeding the Call of Awakening: A Summoning to the Inner Teacher, Healer, and Wise One 2
When you next find yourself at the edge of the cliff, what will you choose? Will you be so selfish to hide away the genius that is your birth-rite, the alchemical nectar that has been forged in the fires of your personal story? Will you risk everything to inhabit your deepest purpose? Will you allow the illusion of your smallness and mediocrity to melt away as you soften, opening into all that you are meant to be? Will you give us the gift of your full self; your hopes, dreams, most profound suffering, joy and love?
This is a summoning to the inherent wise one that exists within each and every one of us. It is time to answer the call of your soul. The world is ripe with suffering and on the cusp of extraordinary change. There is no time to waste.
You are already a powerful catalyst for the healing that needs to happen. Trust the guiding light that you are. The world is deeply yearning for your goodness and sanity. You are enough.

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