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A few things I have learned in my 33 years…

A few things I have learned in my 33 years... 1

Sacrifice isn’t required for happiness.

✨I feel the happiest and most alive when I trust myself and where my energy is naturally wanting to flow.

✨The vast majority of the struggle, dis-ease, pain, confusion, and discomfort I feel arises when I am not listening and overriding my inner guidance.

✨I get to move at the exact pace that feels most nourishing for me.

✨There isn’t anybody or anything outside of me that can dictate what that pace is for me personally.

✨No is a complete sentence.

✨Yes is also a complete sentence.

✨It’s always acceptable to communicate directly and clearly around what you are and aren’t available for.

✨The more clear and consistent we are in communicating, the more trustable and congruent we feel to ourselves and others.

✨Clear communication is paramount for any healthy relationship.

✨Other people aren’t responsible for anticipating what you want and need.

✨When we are clear about what we want and desire, we are able to fully honor and show up for ourselves and create the space for others to do the same.

✨Being met in relationship is about learning to meet ourselves first and then naturally connecting with others from the space of our own inner attunement.

✨Success and achievement have no timeline or age quota.

✨Our greatest successes and achievements always flow when we are connected to our pleasure and alignment.

✨If there is one thing that consistently gets in my way, it is myself.

✨Often, when I get in my own way, it’s because I have an attachment to something working out in a certain way or a belief that is limiting my perception of what’s possible.

✨Early childhood imprints are very real and deeply inform how secure and safe we feel, how we care for ourselves, and how we respond to and manage stress.

✨Having compassion and learning to love and attune to these young parts of ourselves creates the ground for profound internal love and wholeness.

✨Your body always knows.

✨My body has always been one of my greatest teachers, if not the greatest.

✨The body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul are all interconnected ecosystems that function most harmoniously when we deeply listen and learn to embrace the dimensions of their unique voice, innate wisdom, and how they inform each other.

✨True health is a state of being that relies on our awareness and reverence of our mind, body, emotions, and soul being an integrated ecosystem.

✨Relationships flow most effortlessly when we don’t compromise any part of who we are. They also tend to feel more authentic, connected, pleasurable and nourishing.

✨Intimacy is determined by the degree to which we are connected to ourselves, which then informs how connected we are able to be with each other.

✨Our relationship with our sexuality and pleasure almost always mirrors our connection to our creative vitality and expression.

✨Our creativity is as vital to our well-being as food, water, touch, and sleep.

✨The most pleasurable and nourishing sex occurs when you are moving at the exact pace that allows you to stay connected to yourself and experience, which translates to how present and connected you are able to stay with your partner.

✨We each have our own unique tolerance and threshold for experiencing pain and pleasure.

✨Learning to understand and honor these thresholds and perceived limits empowers us to safely expand into wider depths of nourishment and connection without abandoning ourselves.

✨Turn-on isn’t just a verb reserved for the bedroom but can be a way of life and state of being that we live from in all dimensions of our life.

✨Energy is a resource that is only as limited to the degree we allow or inhibit the flow.

✨True beauty is and always has been far beyond just our skin, shape, age, and size.

✨The safer we feel in our bodies and in loving acceptance of all that we are, the more naturally magnetic and radiant we are.

✨Synchronicities are never by chance and occur when we feel most in flow with who we are and are honoring our true direction.

✨It’s always okay, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

✨Laughter, humor, and playfulness all should be in-joyed in abundance.

✨Abundance is a state of being that is comprised of much more than what’s in your bank account and the material objects you’ve acquired.

✨Inner wealth always translates to outer wealth.

✨Other people’s feedback and criticism say more about them than it does about you.

✨People pleasing and accommodating others can often emerge from our own lack of perceived safety and control rather than from a place of unconditional love, care, and giving.

✨If you have a tendency to override your truth and sacrifice your needs for others, there is great wisdom to be received by being willing to sit with this place and gently observe what comes up for you when you notice this happening.

✨Conflict is most effortlessly de-escalated when we are willing to listen with our whole hearts and presence while being aware of where we feel defensiveness, blame, and projection.

✨Our willingness and capacity to love ourselves will always translate to the way we allow ourselves to love and be loved.

✨Self-love will always nurture and support the ground for embodying the love that we already are and have always been.

✨You always have full permission to show up exactly as you are.

✨True friends will be there through every phase and stage, have a willingness to dance with you in the shadow as well as the light, and everything in between.

It’s okay to fall apart.

✨You don’t have to hold it all together.

✨You also don’t have to do it alone.

✨It’s always okay to ask for help when you need it.

✨There is a reason why it is sometimes called a beautiful mess.

✨We can be both skillful, put together, and messy all at the same time. It’s all a part of being human.

✨Your darkness is just as beautiful and glorious as your light.

✨There is no right or wrong way to do anything.

✨The older I get, the less that I know and the more permission and trust I feel to trust in all that’s unfolding.

✨Our human self and soul often have different conceptions of time and the pace through which things should be unfolding.

✨Honoring our human’s needs and pace allows the entirety of our multidimensional essence to play and create in all the ways that feel most enlivening and nourishing for us.

Always trust the process.

✨Your true path and purpose are never further from where you feel most alive.

Thank you for thinking of me, for all the birthday well wishes, and taking the time to share your hearts, presence, and love with me.

You are beautiful, and I am infinitely grateful to be dancing alongside you on this magical, unfolding, shared journey called life.

 It is a Saturday evening. I’ve had a headache for the last day or so. My body feels tired in a way that lets me know that I haven’t been tending to my energy and nourishment in the ways that most serve me.

There’s information here in the pain.
Pain and discomfort have a language and wisdom of their own. Every symptom speaks with a unique dialect reflecting clearly an underlying need that is not being met.

Listening and slowing down is the medicine here.

In the slow down, I can feel more. There is more space. There is more room for my awareness to flow in and around those parts of myself that are calling out so clearly for my love, presence, and attention.

I feel frustration in this moment, frustration that my body isn’t functioning in the way that I would like it to. I feel frustrated by the lack of flexibility that I perceive in my body and nervous system to accommodate my human desire for action and doing. 

I want to be energized, excited, impassioned. I want to feel the vital force of life’s energy moving through me; tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and an open and receptive vehicle for connection and creation.

But rest isn’t what I choose this night.

This night I choose to override.

I choose to dull the ache of my head with an herbal elixir that promises energy and flow.

I choose to venture outside as opposed to inside. I choose to ignore the subtle cues and hints rather than listening.

In the venturing outside, I receive a different flavor of wisdom.

I look down for a split second, and suddenly, my car has veered off the edge of the road. It is held in place by a tree that catches me before I slide off the edge of the hill into the rocks and foliage below.

This is the side we often don’t want to see, the side that we especially don’t want others to see.

We forget that being human can sometimes be messy.

Being human isn’t always straight edges and clean lines with a clearly defined path.

Being human is sometimes walking blindly through unknown terrain and doing the best we can.

Being human is reacting and causing pain where we never meant to. Being human is falling down and not knowing if we can get up again.

Being human is opening our hearts, trusting the unfolding, and having the courage to keep going even when it feels scary, confusing, or doesn’t appear to have an immediate solution.

I was lucky this time.

I was lucky that I wasn’t moving very quickly.

I was lucky there were neighbors nearby that rushed to my aid.

I was lucky that I wasn’t hurt. The only thing that felt remotely wounded was my pride.

It was humbling to lose control.

It was illuminating to find myself within a situational chaos of my own design.

For one who is so used to holding it together for others, there was a gift in the realization that I, too, could be held here. Especially here.

And this is why, even in the moment of the collision, it’s not fear I felt.

Instead, I felt strangely calm in the knowledge that all would be okay.

I didn’t panic or fight what was happening.
I allowed things to unfold.

I got out of the way and trusted. In the trust, the support was miraculously there.

While I waited for help to come, I was able to sit on a tree stump nearby and watch the sun slowly set over the bay, the trees gleaming gold in the late afternoon sun.

The Goddess blessed me in the form of a little girl nicknamed Temi after the Greek Goddess Artemis, who embodied the purity and unbridled joy that can only be found when one has been fully nurtured, supported, and celebrated to be all that they are.

Temi lovingly exclaimed, “That doesn’t look safe,” and shared that it seemed like my car enjoyed climbing trees after her and her father told me that I must come to their neighborhood gathering the next day to celebrate the ending of quarantine.

My car was able to be pulled out by two individuals who worked together with their tow trucks to make sure my vehicle was safely returned to the road.

I made it to the gathering that I had intended to get to, where I was welcomed with open arms by sweet friends gathered around an open fire amidst an array of delectable nourishment and dancing under the night sky.

Ironically enough, being surrounded by a supportive community after the events that transpired was the exact nourishment I needed to find my way back into connection with my innermost self and home.

And, this is how we learn and grow.

We fall apart and fall back into place.
We trust in ourselves and in the unfolding enough to keep showing up.

We learn to embrace the vulnerability of not knowing.
We take a chance.

We courageously open our heart again even after it has been brutally shattered.
We reach out and ask for help.

We discover what it feels like to receive and be supported by those we feel safe with and can trust and rely on.

We take one step and one moment at a time.

We feel.
We love.
We live.

We learn to let go.

We breathe.

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