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I Imagine Poem

As I sit here, I imagine the vapors of my breath drifting up into the infinite ocean of the sky painting it with the tears of my sorrows.

I imagine going a day without contracting or contorting my body to make it any less “big” than it is. A time, even a moment, where I allowed myself to take up as much space as I desired.

I Imagine what it would feel like to feel vibrant, healthy, unrestricted, and pain-free, in my body.

And what it would be like to love myself, I mean really love myself. The kind of love in which every cell of my being thunderously proclaims you are beautiful and loved just as you are.

And, that space of untethered inner peace and acceptance is no longer just a fairy tale, but a lived reality, even in the moments of greatest suffering.

I imagine what it would be like when my imperfections became my greatest strengths.

When my scars become metals of honor as a testament to my humanity and courage.

When my inner beauty is as valued as my outer beauty.

I imagine a time in which our fears are embraced as the guides that they are.

A time where we are no longer hiding behind personas or masks for fear of being truly seen and felt; for fear of feeling the fierceness and truth of how powerful we really are.

I imagine a time in which you actually dance like nobody’s watching because nobody is watching, since they are so surrendered to their own ecstatic expression. And if they are watching it is because they are so overwhelmed and inspired by how beautiful you are.

I imagine a time when we are working together as a species to honor the earth as our mother, to tend and care for her as if she were our own.

A time where those seen as other” or different are no longer perceived as a threat, but as teachers and instruments of greater awareness and wisdom.

I imagine a time where we are collectively helping each other in our striving for individual greatness.
Where we are in full support of empowering the expression of our unique gifts.

A time in which our sexuality, desire, skin color, and sexual and gender identity are not taboo, but celebrated and expressed as a testament to our exquisite humanity and incredible capacity to love.

I imagine the moment when we realize that our body is a sacred temple of unfathomable wisdom.

The moment when we stop, slow down, breathe, and realize all we have to do is listen and our pathway will always be illuminated.

I imagine the moment in which you realize you are in love and the heart wrenching ecstasy and disbelief that for the first time someone loves you just as much as you love them.

The moment that we realize we will never be truly abandoned and all we have to do is be here, and lovingly embrace whatever experience we are having.

Easier said than done, right?

I imagine the moment when you start believing that you can accomplish anything.

Where your deepest dreams and desires are no longer distant memories, but living landscapes within your present world.

The moment that you realize and begin living from the awareness that you are the creator of your reality and every choice you make is not only felt within your world, but ripples out to impact and transform the collective world.

When you realize the only limitations you have are the ones you have created and chosen to believe.

The moment where you become truly free.

No longer sleepwalking through life, but making the conscious choice to wake-walk through this ever unfolding dream that is life, that is Being.

With deep love and gratitude,

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