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Breathing and Becoming: Developing Energetic Awareness in Relationships and Work

With fast paced times our need for energetic awareness, boundaries, and protection is invaluable.

Are you feeling

  • stressed
  • overwhelmed & overburdened
  • drained
  • vulnerable
  • disconnected?

As we become more sensitive learning how to care for yourself so you can show up for others is a necessary part of the helping professionals journey. Immerse yourself in a dynamic exploration of:

  • breath
  • the benefits of personal practice
  • grounding techniques
  • self care practices
  • meditations for clearing
  • healthy boundaries
  • healing yoga and movements practices
  • the healing power of sound

Together we will learn to created a grounded container for our most valuable priorities in life whether its in relationship, work/school, sex, and friends/family.

breath and becoming workshop