Welcome, fellow trailblazers and freedom-seekers.

My name is Sandra Bershad, and I am a high-level intuitive mentor and transformational coach for individuals who know they are here to shift the global paradigm to a higher state of consciousness.

As a high-level intuitive, empath, and clairvoyant I am able to read the subtle energy of my clients’ field and sense where the energetic flow is blocked and out of alignment. Every client I work with has a unique energetic, emotional, psychic map and blueprint.

As an intuitive channel, I can attune to this unique blueprint and receive a direct transmission of the key experiences in my clients’ history and present life circumstances that are perpetuating misalignment with their higher self and soul purpose.

I guide my clients into deeper communion with their own essence and teach them the tools and resources to self-heal so they can fortify the ground for their sacred purpose and work in the world.

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How my work can assist you

As human beings, we are all sensitive, vulnerable, and greatly impacted by our life situations and circumstances. Our capacity to deeply feel and be emotionally affected by our experience is our birth-rite and what makes us human. We each have a singular and powerful life narrative that has evolved through our experiences and shaped how we perceive ourselves and the larger world.

Existing in modern society and culture can be extraordinarily overwhelming, stressful, and even painful. Often times, we are forced to self-abandon in favor of taking care of our most basic needs. It can be easy to become disconnected from what makes us feel most alive and nourished. The truth is that we have a choice. We don’t have to stand for living in a way that makes us feel less than whole. We each have access to an intrinsic wisdom and truth that resides beneath the beliefs and stories we tell ourselves.

As an empowerment advocate, mentor, and coach, I help people become aware of beliefs and patterns that are preventing them from living from their most authentic expression and deepest truth. My clients become empowered to become change agents of their own inner transformation and learn to radically accept all that they are, so that they actualize the highest vision for their lives.

My extensive training and experience has afforded me the ability to attune to the ecosystem and nervous system of each individual, and support them in cultivating resources that will aid their unique capacity to fully attach to themselves, and become empowered to live the life they’ve always wished was possible.

For more information on the nervous system, click here.

I have a Master’s degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. My approach has been forged through rigorous study of the intersection between mind, body, spirit, and hard science, a deep passion for healing and growth, and the clinical application of various therapeutic modalities, healing arts, and spiritual traditions. I have the diverse skill set to support your journey home to a more authentic way of being.

Become more grounded, embodied, and connected to yourself.

As my client, you may:

  • Develop greater self-understanding.
  • Be supported in cultivating specific skills and tools to work with challenging situations and re-occurring symptoms within your life.
  • Pursue what most passionately inspires you.
  • Connect deeply with your life purpose and be supported in initiating the steps necessary to actualizing your life purpose and dreams.
  • Develop greater trust and confidence in yourself and specific skill set.
  • Become more grounded, embodied, and connected to yourself.
  • Cultivate your ability to embrace and accept your experience or life circumstances.
  • Access greater freedom and pleasure.
  • Release trauma and painful past experiences.
  • Cultivate greater mindfulness and presence.
  • Learn how to self-regulate and cultivate a self-care toolbox.
  • Get to know your limitations so you can appreciate them and evolve beyond them.
  • Love and accept yourself more fully.
  • Discover how to truly make friends with pain.
  • Redefine your relationship with chronic pain, illness, and body image.
  • Explore fear as a tool for greater empowerment.
  • Learn to listen to the bodies wisdom.
  • Learn to transform your sensitivities into gifts.
  • Cultivate healthy boundaries.
  • Become your authentic self.

Saying yes to our healing journey also means that we are willing to risk being fully and authentically ourselves.

Who this is for:

World Bridgers: Visionaries and Leaders who know they are here to shift the consciousness on a global scale. They are ready to relinquish their grip on the stories and narratives that have defined them or held them back from actualizing their larger vision and calling.

They know that they have a sacred duty and purpose that hasn’t been fully actualized. They are ready to become deeply intimate with their vision and receive focused support in implementing their higher vision and soul’s work into the world.

Empath’s and sensitives: Individuals that are ready to re-pattern and transform their relationship with their sensitivity. They are tired of living in a state of constant overwhelm and burnout. They recognize that they are constantly taking on energy on that isn’t their own.

They are ready to develop tools and resources to cultivate healthy energetic boundaries and stay anchored within their own sense of center, and learn to access and channel the intrinsic gifts and superpowers within their more sensitive nature.

To find out more about Mentoring for Highly Sensitive individuals click here. 

Healers: Modern mystics and medicine men and women, who have already awakened to their innate gifts to a certain extent. They desire to deepen their understanding of their specific gifts and purpose.

They want to cultivate unwavering trust and confidence in their own abilities and clear any past beliefs, programming, and soul trauma, preventing them from fully aligning with their soul’s calling.

They are ready to anchor and embody their soul’s unique message and blueprint so they can powerfully serve others on a larger scale.

Whatever the circumstance that has inspired you to seek out support and guidance in your life, I want to thank you for your courage and vulnerability in taking this first step. I also want to recognize that you are not alone in this journey.

Saying yes to our healing and growth means that we have faith in ourselves, our lives, and ability and courage to acknowledge what isn’t working and move towards what is more deeply in service of our happiness, wellness, love, and wholeness.

Why work with me?

Are you in pursuit of the essential freedom that becomes possible when you learn how to radically accept, love, and welcome all that you are?

Do you have a longing to reconnect with the core of who you are? 

Do you yearn to discover a grounded sense of confidence, vitality, graceful flow, love, and radiance, and develop a deep trust in your larger direction and your capacity to care for yourself?

Do you have an unquenchable thirst to learn how to embody your unique essence and gifts and make a positive impact in the world? 

You’ve found yourself here for a reason. You are answering a deep inner calling to get to know yourself intimately and say yes to living more vibrantly in health, vitality, awareness, self-understanding support, abundance, connection, and love.

“Sandie helped me through a difficult time when I was suffering physically, psychologically, and even spiritually. Although we didn’t know each other very well, Sandie opened her heart to me as a friend and offered me her compassion. Because of this genuine care and the profound affect I had seen her healing have on others, I hired her to do integrative energy healing and a sound healing session. In each session I felt a profound energetic shift and release of energy that was no longer serving me. After the session, we discussed both what I experienced during the session and what she worked on, and what insight she wanted to pass onto me to better help integrate the changes she had set in motion. I found the experience of the session to be relaxing, and the discussion afterward to be insightful and very comfortable as if I was talking to an old friend. I highly recommend working with Sandie — beyond her remarkable talents and intuitive abilities, she offers a big heart and a sincere commitment to her clients’ well being.”

– James Alexander, Business Entrepreneur