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Intuitive Realignment Sessions

Do you want to release stress, experience greater connection to yourself, and create ease in your life?

Integrative healing supports your capacity to let go and aids your body’s innate and intuitive capacity to heal itself.

This technique combines a variety of different modalities such as: Reiki, Mindfulness/meditation tools, Vibrational Sound Healing, IRECA (Sufi Healing Method), Theta Healing, Access Bars, Shamanism, Psychosomatic Release Work, and Intuitive Energy Reading.

This modality is most effective for individuals experiencing: Stress, chronic pain, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, spiritual emergence and spiritual emergencies, life transitions, identity crisis, and energy system imbalances.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ntegrative healing sessions, like the people that seek to explore them are unique. They may involve a combination of intuitive/integrative energy healing, vibrational sound healing, shamanic healing, body awareness techniques, and guided meditation. No healing session is the same and whatever may arise during the time we share together is a co-creation of what is most yearning to be healed and expressed in that moment. Integrative healing sessions are customarily divided into four parts. A guided meditation creates a ground of safety in which we can both drop into our bodies and invite whatever energies, emotions, or sensations that are there to be fully welcome and present. We then fluidly transition into an exploration of intentions, goals, and desires for your healing journey. The hands-on healing part of the session is usually about an hour-long and intuitively arises as we work together. This means that what you think you may have brought in to work with may express itself or show up completely differently than you thought it would.  We strike a balance between acknowledging and making a commitment to work with certain things you desire to work with, while leaving spaciousness for spontaneity and an allowance for other things that may want to be expressed and integrated. The session culminates with time for integration and an open forum to discuss anything that has transpired during the session. This helps to create a sense of closure and grounding, and an honoring of the time we shared. Additionally, this time is particularly powerful for creating a foundation for developing helpful resources and skills that you can take into your daily life. I look so forward to our journey together.

If you would like support in returning to a sense of greater well being, contact me for your free 30 minute consultation. I look forward to working with you.

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