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As global stressors and anxiety increase, the collective nervous system becomes overloaded. Now more than ever, we are feeling the reality and totality of how interconnected we all are. The vast majority of the population doesn’t have access to the tools, awareness, and resources they need to self-regulate and find an internal sense of ground and homeostasis during times of extreme unrest.

When people begin to panic, anyone that doesn’t have the ability to ground and self-resource can easily get hijacked by the external fear and mayhem proliferating within our external environment.

This Sunday, March 22nd, at 11:00 A.M. MT, I invite you to join me for a free online immersion I will be facilitating called Finding Calm Within the Corona.


  • Through a combination of intuitive healing and energy mastery practicesguided meditation, and guidance around specific techniques and practices for grounding, stress relief, and nervous system regulation, we will gather as a group in deep reflection, sharing, and support for each other during this chaotic time.
  • We will gather as a community in grounded presence to focus on deeply nurturing our internal ecosystem and discharging excess energy that we may be carrying that might not be in our highest service.
  • We will refocus our attention, energy, and efforts around fortifying our own sense of internal stability so we can show up in full awareness around how to best take care of ourselves, so we have the resources to show up in service to others.

Let’s empower each other in nurturing the wells of our inner ecosystem so we can connect with the light and power of our true essence, and become a beacon for others during these uncertain times. 

Sandra Bershad, M.A. is a visionary mentor and awakening catalyst deeply devoted to empowering people in becoming intimate with the resonance of their highest truth and inner guidance. She is on a mission to create spaces of radical permission that invite individuals to tap into the full spectrum of their inner knowing, visions, gifts, and the specific genius they are meant to share.

As a truth resonator and amplifier, she strives to demystify the perception that we need something outside ourselves to connect with our intrinsic nature that is infinite, innately wise, and already whole. Her approach has been forged through rigorous study of the merging between mind, body, spirit, and hard science, a deep passion for healing and growth, and the clinical application of therapeutic modalities, healing arts, and spiritual traditions.

She has a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Somatic Psychology and Psychology of Health and Healing. Recognized for her intuitive gifts and psychic abilities, she has appeared on Anderson Cooper, Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense, Good Morning America, and The Doctors.

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