Chasing Freedom: Discovering the Courage to be Wholly and Fully Ourselves

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to move and dance. My mother has always said that she could actually feel me dancing within her womb during pregnancy.  She noticed that when the same certain songs would play that I would always move with greater energy and expression, as if I already had my favorites. When I was born, she was surprised to find that I would replicate the same movements that I made within her womb. Movement and dance have always been extraordinary vehicles of my self-expression, and the fastest ways to reconnect with myself and sense of center. I never experience such unbridled freedom when I am surrendering to the impulse, allowing my body to move … Read More

The Alchemy of Transformation: Navigating Right Alignment Amongst Transitional Thresholds

As spiritual seekers and trailblazers with an insatiable craving for truth, many of us are always leaning into an inquiry of how to discover and maintain balance and alignment in our lives. As beings who are in a continuous process of evolution, our relationship with balance and alignment can look vastly different at every growth stage. As we grow and change, our needs, values, and boundaries also evolve along with us. We feel the pain and discomfort most intensely when the shifting and transformation of our inner world begin to create ripple effects within our outer world. Have you ever noticed the more conscious and self-aware you become the more you can perceive with blazing clarity what is out of … Read More

When It All Feels Like Too Much: Embracing Our Highly Sensitive Nature in an Age of Overwhelm

I believe that all humans are sensitive and intuitive. However, in our modern world, our culture tends to see sensitivity as a weakness while intuition is not something to be trusted. When I was growing up in the 90’s, highly-sensitive people were often diagnosed under the umbrella of disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum, ODD, Bipolar and Sensory Integration Disorder to name a few. I know of this first hand because I was one of the children given several of those labels. As I was completely embedded in the busy, fast-moving, stress-ridden, modern life, we call reality; I reflexively developed methods to protect myself. My earliest strategies centered around ways to block out the constant ebb and flow of noise pollution, … Read More

Re-wilding Ourselves Back into Our True Nature

There is a term called “re-wilding” often utilized within the frameworks of certain spiritual philosophies and areas of psychological study. To “re-wild” something means to restore it to its natural state or form. To reclaim and align with the truth of who we are, we are often asked to “re-wild” ourselves. The process of re-wilding can be tremendously painful and uncomfortable. We are creatures of habit. Most of us don’t volunteer to drastically change our lives unless we feel motivated by something more uncomfortable than the idea of the change itself. The Alchemy of Pain and Struggle It is often when we are in the midst of our deepest pain that our soul’s cry to return home is the loudest. … Read More

The Way of Nourishment: The Art of Healing From The Inside Out

“The Awakening” Tending to my nourishment and pleasure isn’t something I was taught when I was younger. If anything, I was surrounded by those who would suffer for their nourishment and pleasure. I grew up in a society and culture that revered productivity and perseverance, driven to achieve the American dream at the expense of health and wellbeing. I can say, with certainty, that the vast majority of us were never taught the skills and resources needed to best care for ourselves. As children, the building blocks of our identity were learned through imitation. How many of us can claim that we had healthy role models in our lives that encouraged us to cultivate skills like presence, listening, discernment, articulation of healthy boundaries, … Read More