The 8 Most Common Ways We Leak Energy

As energetically sensitive and empathic individuals, we are often an open channel and vacuum for everything in our most immediate environment, and exceedingly sensitive to the larger context of our collective consciousness and global climate. Part of my journey in learning how to nurture my soul amidst the heightened sensitivity I experience has been learning to become a bad-ass in the art of having very clearly defined boundaries. Believe me, I wasn’t always a bad-ass at it. There was a steep learning curve for a while as I learned to love and respect myself, honor my truth, and not compromise any part of who I was. My journey isn’t over in this regard. This process of alignment and surrender is … Read More

The Art of Embodied Listening

The new year is traditionally a time of resolution. We take stock of the past year and decide how we’d like to change or do better. We renunciate what isn’t working and are filled with a renewed sense of hope. We are infused with a sense of possibility and confidence in our ability to achieve the goals or outcomes we may have missed over the past year. Suddenly, as the clock turns 12:00 A.M. and we cross the threshold into the next year, it’s as if for just a moment we are free of the weight of our problems. The next year sparkles ahead blissfully unformed with the vast spaciousness and room to finally make our dreams a reality. Our … Read More

Shadow Wrangling: Effectively Taming Our Inner Critic

Do you ever have the feeling that, if everything isn’t going well, you aren’t worthy enough to share your voice or wisdom?   Have you encountered that internal voice proclaiming that your struggle is a weakness that must be hidden at all cost? Have you sat with the shame of feeling like there must be something wrong with you because you don’t have everything figured out? If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone! It’s as if there’s an invisible decree silently declaring that, if you haven’t cracked the success, health, love, and happiness code and know exactly what you are doing in every moment, your wisdom and presence isn’t worthy of expression. I find it interesting that we tend to … Read More

Heeding the Call of Awakening: A Summoning to the Inner Teacher, Healer, and Wise One

Something spectacular happens when we allow ourselves to soften and open. Our vulnerability is a force of nature, the opposite of the weakness and fragility that we’ve been conditioned to believe.   It is fascinating that when we make the choice to become more visible, we instinctually want to shrink, fold into ourselves, and disappear unseen. The closer we inch to the freedom we long for, the more seductive the darkness becomes.   It whispers promises of safety and comfort. It tries to persuade us that change is the enemy. It draws a definitive boundary in the sand. When we become dangerously close to crossing over into a land unchartered, the force of our fear threatens to paralyze us.   … Read More

The Unavoidable Heartbreak of Loving: How to Healthily Navigate Loneliness

From the beginning of time, humans have been driven by their need to procreate in order to preserve survival. We are neurologically and biologically wired to be attached to each other and to be in relationship. Why is falling in love so intoxicating? And, why are break ups, divorce, and the death of a loved one some of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences of the human condition? Both science and neuroscience are quite illuminating when it comes to more deeply understanding why the process of being in relationship is so profoundly beautiful and simultaneously devastating. When we fall in love, our brains are working overtime and pumping our bodies full of the chemical oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone and … Read More