When It All Feels Like Too Much: Embracing Our Highly Sensitive Nature in an Age of Overwhelm

I believe that all humans are sensitive and intuitive. However, in our modern world, our culture tends to see sensitivity as a weakness while intuition is not something to be trusted. When I was growing up in the 90’s, highly-sensitive people were often diagnosed under the umbrella of disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum, ODD, Bipolar and Sensory Integration Disorder to name a few. I know of this first hand because I was one of the children given several of those labels. As I was completely embedded in the busy, fast-moving, stress-ridden, modern life, we call reality; I reflexively developed methods to protect myself. My earliest strategies centered around ways to block out the constant ebb and flow of noise pollution, … Read More

Re-wilding Ourselves Back into Our True Nature

There is a term called “re-wilding” often utilized within the frameworks of certain spiritual philosophies and areas of psychological study. To “re-wild” something means to restore it to its natural state or form. To reclaim and align with the truth of who we are, we are often asked to “re-wild” ourselves. The process of re-wilding can be tremendously painful and uncomfortable. We are creatures of habit. Most of us don’t volunteer to drastically change our lives unless we feel motivated by something more uncomfortable than the idea of the change itself. The Alchemy of Pain and Struggle It is often when we are in the midst of our deepest pain that our soul’s cry to return home is the loudest. … Read More

The Way of Nourishment: The Art of Healing From The Inside Out

“The Awakening” Tending to my nourishment and pleasure isn’t something I was taught when I was younger. If anything, I was surrounded by those who would suffer for their nourishment and pleasure. I grew up in a society and culture that revered productivity and perseverance, driven to achieve the American dream at the expense of health and wellbeing. I can say, with certainty, that the vast majority of us were never taught the skills and resources needed to best care for ourselves. As children, the building blocks of our identity were learned through imitation. How many of us can claim that we had healthy role models in our lives that encouraged us to cultivate skills like presence, listening, discernment, articulation of healthy boundaries, … Read More

Chasing Highs: Confessions of a Spiritual Retreat Junkie

Everyone likes to get high. When I say high, I don’t necessarily mean high on mind-altering substances. I am referring to that feeling of ecstatic jubilance where everything feels bright and shiny and in the flow. When we are in the flow state, it’s as if we are able to greet our lives with effortless grace. We may feel energized, a sense of confidence and trust in our direction, and at ease in our bodies and relationships with others. We may feel happy. We may feel there is an overall sense of rightness or goodness. When we are in the flow state, we are in a space of expansion. Our physical, emotional, and energetic presence is literally bigger and wider. We are in the delicious … Read More

Mindful Sex: Transforming Intimate Relationships Through Meditation

As a practice, meditation can open up a whole realm of possibility. We derive many different benefits from cultivating greater mindfulness in our daily lives. Don’t worry; this is not going to be another article touting the many benefits of meditation. This article is going to explore how meditation and mindfulness can transform our relationship to our sexuality and the way we intimately relate. Mindful sexuality and intimacy are still topics vastly unexplored in the mainstream. We exist in a society and culture that has a significant pleasure deficit. By pleasure deficit, I mean that we have an incredible deficiency in pleasure and an overabundance of stress and suffering. The collective trance that we’ve all bought into champions being constantly-on-the-go and participating in … Read More