Sandra Bershad, MA

Personal Biography

Born into a family that valued spirituality and the more esoteric qualities of life, Sandra was initiated onto the path of deep inquiry into the nature of the self and consciousness at a very early age. She was born with the abilities to viscerally see and feel other people’s energies and emotions, and sense the more subtle forms of energy beyond the physical world.

Her early childhood experiences of being drastically misunderstood for her gifts and abilities became the fuel for a life-long passion and devotion to aiding other’s in awakening to their innate brilliance and essential freedom.

A crusader for truth and champion for inhabiting our most authentic selves, Sandra guides her clients into deeper communion with their own essence. She teaches them the tools and resources to self-heal so they can fortify the ground for their sacred purpose and work in the world.

Through her work, Sandra strives to contribute to the collective tapestry and nurture community spaces that value witnessing the unfolding of each other’s sacredness. She is fiercely committed to supporting an initiative of global awakening for the common good.

At age 16, she began to offer spiritual guidance to other individuals who felt similarly misunderstood and disconnected from their true self and purpose. This led to her becoming internationally recognized as a gifted intuitive and an advocate for highly sensitive individuals across several television networks.

As a transformational guide, she creates a space of supportive awareness that assists the process of self-realization and journey towards self-love, radical self-acceptance, and empowerment.

When we live our life as an act of devotion, surrendering to nothing but our highest truth, the majesty of life unfolds before us.

As Rumi said, “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

Transformational Coach, Intuitive Lifestyle Mentor, and Guide for Highly Sensitive Individuals & Empaths.

Our human experience is not meant to be one of insignificance and mediocrity. We are meant to fill up the space when we enter a room. Our presence and words are meant to be drunk in and tasted by those who love us most dearly. We each have a unique story; a treasure trove of wisdom woven seamlessly within the depths of our personal history. It is our duty to share ourselves fully, to become perfectly cracked and honed as the living sculpture of our greatest suffering and most profound joy, and inspire the unfolding of every human’s unique masterpiece.

Internationally recognized, Sandie has appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense, Good Morning America, and The Doctors for her intuitive gifts and work advocating awareness and understanding of highly sensitive individuals and “indigo” children. Sandie continues to advocate for the awareness of highly sensitive children and adults, providing alternative resources and support that encourages integration, empowerment, and resilience in an intensely challenging and beautiful world.

Sandie featured on Anderson Cooper’s episode on Indigo Children in 2005.

alma myrtle“When I first met Sandie, I immediately felt her strong & precise psychic energy. At the time, I was going through major life changes & recovering from a lot of pain. I needed to be heard, understood & most of all, I needed accurate psychic knowledge. Sandie helped me to become more confident about what I could see for my personal shifts in consciousness. She helped me to see that I was the light within the trying situations that I was faced with. Sandie’s ability to empower those who reach put to her with her intuitive gifts is phenomenal & natural.  I’m thankful for her & I’m thankful for our journey together.

Alma Myrtle, Psychic Medium

“I started working with Sandra at a time in my life when I was feeling lost, disconnected and not very strong within myself. From the very first phone call, Sandra was able to attune to my needs and make me feel comfortable, at ease and really listened to and heard. I felt like her healing energy and focus was like a gentle flashlight, shining into my consciousness, mind, body & spirit, revealing the spaces that needed to be healed and the divine presence that was all around. She guided me to find wholeness and unity within the broken aspects of myself.

I felt like for the first time, I was able to open up light into my heart with a voice that said, “your okay, everything is going to be okay, remember who you are. Thank you Sandra for the light that you are and all that you do!”

—Katherine, Mediation Teacher & Life Coach