Unlocking the Intuitive Superpowers Within You

When I was a little girl, I remember believing that anything was possible. The world was a place of magic and possibility where the only limit was my imagination. Like all of us, my dreams and perceptions of who I could be evolved along with me. From full-time princess to interdimensional astronaut, to marine biologist, and finally, spiritual psychologist, I discovered that my soul’s deepest longings and visions for my life were nurtured by two things; belief and trust. It was belief and trust that helped to seed my 15-year old self’s vision of becoming a spiritual therapist and helping others into an actual reality. It was belief, trust, and radical commitment, that kept me going even in the darkest … Read More

Authentic Alignment: Liberating Our Unconscious Agendas for True Success, Happiness, and Freedom

I often feel this responsibility to share myself. Although responsibility doesn’t feel like the right word in this context, it more often has felt like an imposed “should.” As an entrepreneur and sole owner of my practice and business, I feel a continuous pressure to keep up and maintain my presence and visibility within the online sector. After devoting much time to studying different marketing techniques and brand development, I can authentically say that I’ve learned many different strategies about what supposedly creates success and results, and what doesn’t. Consistency has always been the most challenging aspect of any marketing I have ever done. Through the years, I have found that I would often get into a groove and flow … Read More