Chronically Ill and Highly Sensitive: Transforming Our Sensitivities into Gifts

I have found that it is often within our greatest struggles that we find seeds of priceless wisdom. The agony of my physical embodiment shaped me for a singular and special purpose. My journey to Boulder, Colorado, and contemplative education served as a training ground for my own self-awareness and discovery. I attracted the specific experiences and individuals that would perfectly crack and mold me in all the right places, so that I could actualize the deepest expression of my soul’s purpose. I learned to relinquish my mask and facade in favor of vulnerability and authenticity. I learned that my presence and embodiment were a gateway towards the confidence, pleasure and freedom that had long since eluded me in my … Read More

Chronically Ill and Highly Sensitive: The Trials of Adolescence

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As I progressed in my teen years, spirituality and inner development became the central focus of my life. At age 12, I began working with a highly sensitive children’s mentor. It was through a sense of grace that my mother found my first mentor. I was in the midst of one of the darkest times of my life and was questioning my desire to continue living. Validation for my sensitivities and spiritual gifts gave me an outlet for the merciless overwhelm I was experiencing. I began practicing meditation and cultivating and honing my intuitive abilities. I became enamored by what was beyond the physical because it gave me the freedom I only dreamed of experiencing in my pain-wracked existence. Yet, … Read More

Chronically Ill and Highly Sensitive: Healing Isn’t Easy (Part 1)

I’ve struggled with chronic illness, chemical, environmental, and food sensitivities for the majority of my life. I remember the excitement I felt when my parents got a brand new carpet. Like any 4-year-old kiddo, I immediately wanted to roll around and feel the texture and softness. Little did I know, a half hour later my body would be covered in hives from the chemicals in the new carpet. Oatmeal baths and steroid creams became some of my closest companions, and soon after I would be diagnosed with my first long-term chronic skin condition, psoriasis. There were times in the winter that my skin would be so dry, cracked and irritated that it would bleed. Nothing I tried seemed to soothe … Read More