Lost and Found: An Exploration Into the Unknown

exploration of self

At a certain point we lose ourselves within the river. From torrents, to unpredictable currents you never know where you will really end up. Surrendering to the flow is sometimes all we can do because to resist may mean certain death. That’s why so many people drown during storms. It’s not the storm itself, it’s actually the current that you swim against. It is bringing you farther and farther away from all that you have ever known. But, in your resistance and almost frantically tortuous effort to escape back to what is most comfortable and known you become so exhausted you just give up. Sapped of energy, life force, and hope of ever finding that familiar shore again, you are … Read More

On Relationships, Love, and Being

I’ve become aware of the fact that we grow with each person we meet, and simultaneously we sometimes don’t realize how we have been impacted, changed,or shaped by those that we connect with. I don’t think there are ever any chance meetings. It’s almost if we draw other people into our lives so we can see ourselves more clearly, so we can see that we are inherently source. We want our uniqueness to be celebrated and we don’t want to share in the celebration of our human experience alone. Sometimes,when left to our own devices we don’t realize that all experience is relationship. We deny ourselves certain experiences because we don’t feel it’s the relationship that we should be having … Read More

I Imagine Poem

As I sit here, I imagine the vapors of my breath drifting up into the infinite ocean of the sky painting it with the tears of my sorrows. I imagine going a day without contracting or contorting my body to make it any less “big” than it is. A time, even a moment, where I allowed myself to take up as much space as I desired. I Imagine what it would feel like to feel vibrant, healthy, unrestricted, and pain-free, in my body. And what it would be like to love myself, I mean really love myself. The kind of love in which every cell of my being thunderously proclaims you are beautiful and loved just as you are. And, … Read More

The Ponderings of Impermanence

As I gaze up the sky pulsates with breath. The clouds are like the air, invisible forces of vitality weaving patterns of ageless wisdom, of life itself. The clouds speak to me of change, of the dance between form and formless, and experience. You will never be the same person again. Once this moment fades into oblivion what are we left with but our experience, our senses and sensations, that formulate the world around us and the vast landscapes of our inner realities. Why must we fight this beautiful synthesis of our true nature. The eternal communion of our unconscious and conscious, masculine and feminine, good and evil. Can we expand like the seemingly unending horizon to include it all? … Read More

The Gift of our Humanness

~I feel alive. There is a quality of fierce crispness, sharpening the edges of my sensory world to a deliciously lethal point. Like the snap of a winter’s breeze on the swift inhale of a breath far too fleeting. The shallow way we taste our experiences only undermines the inherent vitality and aliveness that we so desperately yearn to feel in every moment of this unending waking dream. In our hurriedness to evade the penetrating sensation of what may disturb a once unchanged landscape, we miss the moment, the only moment that has ever existed and will deign to exist ever again. The moment where we realize that there is no separation between that which you perceive as your ’self’ and … Read More